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Why sell your home with Bob Cella?

Why sell your home with Bob Cella?

The best way to sell your home is to list with a REALTOR

Coldwell Banker Island Properties strives to get the best value for your property, find a compatible buyer, and selling your home in the quickest timely manner. Coldwell Banker agents are experienced professionals when it comes to selling homes for example:

-assist with paperwork, inspections and closing.

-discuss and handle the transaction with buyers and buyers agents.

-suggestions for home improvements.

-facilitate another home to buy.

Picking the best fit REALTOR

At Coldwell Banker Island Properties, we cater to your needs and build a tailored plan of action to sell your property.  We promise the upmost service standards and will form a customized marketing plan that is right for your home.  From our first meeting with you all the way through closing day, we will communicate with you regarding promotional strategies, property preview, price and terms offered and negotiation and organization of the sale.

You’ll love our unique touch, our immediate reaction, and our superior dedication to communication and attention to detail.  Your REALTOR will keep in contact with you and inform outcome of open houses and property showings.  We’ll keep you up to date on present trends in buyer movement, competitive pricing and interest rates.  Well disclose any suggestions we hear from other real estate professionals who have previewed or shown your property.  And, we’ll supply a weekly progress report on the promotion and sale of your property.

Priced to sell

Choosing a REALTOR who is educated about the current market and who can offer you the fulliest exposure to the greatest number of qualified buyers are key to effectively selling your property.  Pricing is one of the main essential aspects of selling your home, and your homes’s suitable placement with in the current real estate marketplace cannot be overemphasized.  If you over price your home, it is more likely to stay on the market for a long time; if you under price your home, you’ll lose the greatest value of your asset.

 At Coldwell Banker Island Properties, we know how to evaluate the current real estate marketplace to set a reasonable comparative price for your property.

 We gain access to the market data that records what buyers have paid and not eager to pay for almost identical properties, and are knowledgeable about which properties are currently in the running for buyers interest.  Establishing the accurate worth will let us to indicate your homes full potential.


We make your home a one of a kind

By listing your residence with Coldwell Banker Island Properties, you’ll have comprehensive coverage to the most number of eligible buyers throughout the Hawaiian islands or anywhere in the world.

Within days of marketing your property with us, your REALTOR will take numerous preliminary steps to discover a buyer for your home.  These include:

-Set up a lock box

-Place a Coldwell Banker Island Properties FOR SALE sign

-Add information on and on this web site

-Enter information to Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

-Publicize your property at Coldwell banker island properties office meeting

-Host office preview for all Coldwell banker Island Properties REALTORS

-Print property information fliers.

-Mail out JUST LISTED postcards to target areas .

-Start local and regional advertising.

-Advertise through local association of REALTORS.

-Market your home in our exclusive Virtual Tours.

Coldwell Banker Island Properties does all the work for you by prescreening buyers and managing all phone inquiries and showings, your home will only be shown to serious, qualified buyers.  You can rest assured that your REALTOR will recommend the neccessary objective during any presentation of offers and counter-offers, so you’ll accept that highest return on your investment.  Once you get to the closing stage of selling your home, your REALTOR will describe the complete procedure ahead of time so you’ll know precisely what to anticipate.