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Staging Your Home

Staging Your Home

Staging can help sell your home quickly and for top dollar.  Staging is presenting your home in its best and most appealing light to the majority of home-buyers. 

 To stage your home you can clear out personal photos and items, paint the walls a neutral color throughout, and changing the placement of the furniture will make the home show much better.

-It's the agents job to satisfy their clients and to show their buyers homes they think they will purchase.

-Agents communicate to other agents who are also showing their buyers to the best homes on the market.  A home that shows well, means more market exposure.  Its critical for a fast and profitable house sale.

-Buyers are attracted to listings that look good and are in move-in ready condition.

-Buyers are looking for deals.  It’s a buyers market right now.  The prices are flat or on the decline.  Buyers need to believe that the house is worth buying.