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Buying a Home

Buying a Home

Finding your dream home should be as easy as walking through the front door. It’s the way you feel while being in the home knowing you can visualize your life beginning there.  It shouldn’t be the dimensions on the home or paint on the outside. With our experience at CBIP we can help you find the home of your dreams!

It’s important to our agents to help guide you in finding the home that’s right for you. We here at CBIP feel that this is more then just real estate, it’s a chance to help start your future because a new home means a new beginning.


Unlike a lot of other real estate agencies, CBIP agents work together in many ways to make sure your dream home is found. We all share one goal, instead of making the market about competition we do our best to follow all our client needs in whatever means necessary.


Our agents want you to rely your needs on them. We want to assure you that helping our clients is what we do and what we are good at. It’s our job to help with your advertising, promoting with other agents and keeping you informed of any potential offers.

Why working with a CBIP Realtor can work for you:

Your CBIP Realtor can give you detailed information on almost any property listed for sale, so why waste your time looking at many unsuitable homes. Our information regarding any current listed properties includes listings, and properties listed by many other Real Estate companies around the islands.

Our Realtors do all the preparation for you. We help search for your dream home while keeping your price limitations in mind. Put your trust in the hands of our experienced realtors and keep your mind at peace, reminding our clients that we work for you.


If you happen to see any “For Sale” signs on property lawns or any newspaper adds that interests you in a home let your realtor know, we have access to all data which includes:

-Property Descriptions

-Listing Prices

-Special Features

-Estate Values

-Financing Terms

-and much MORE!